Countries with Birthright Citizenship

Countries with Birthright Citizenship

Countries with Birthright Citizenship

Any child born within the borders of a country or on its territory is automatically granted citizenship in that nation, even if their parents are not citizens. This is known as birthright citizenship. Currently, jus soli, often known as unrestricted birthright citizenship, is practiced in 33 countries around the world (plus two territories), whereas birthright citizenship in another 32 countries is restricted in some way.

Birthright Citizenship-There are countries that will grant you citizenship if you give birth, but there are also some countries where this is not allowed. It’s important to find out which of these five requires the mother to live in a specific country while giving birth. This article has information on the five countries where you can give birth and gain passports

What is the safest country in the world to give birth to?

Safety is always of the utmost concern when giving birth. To feel secure in the knowledge that your health and the health of your child are in capable hands, you should make sure you are in a nation with first-rate medical care and facilities.

Excellent medical treatment is available in many nations around the world for both mothers and children. But other nations stand out as being especially risk-free for childbearing. Here are five nations where children can be born and receive passports:

1. Chile

Chile follows the Jus Soli principle, where any child is an automatic citizen by birth. Chilean citizens have visa-free access to the United States and many other countries. In addition, Chile and Spain have an agreement that allows Chilean citizens to naturalize quickly in Europe.

2. Spain

Spain offers the shortest amount of time to apply for a Spanish passport after moving there. Spanish citizenship also provides access to all 26 Schengen Area nations without having to go through a lengthy process or show significant ties to the country.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its high standard of living and the exceptional healthcare system. Mothers who give birth in Switzerland automatically receive residency permits, which allow them freedom of movement throughout the country.

4. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world, with a top-notch healthcare system and excellent safety record. Mothers who give birth in Singapore are given automatic citizenship and access to all of the benefits that come with it

5. Canada

Canada is well known for its safe and welcoming environment, as well as its high quality of healthcare. Canadian citizens enjoy visa-free travel to over 180 countries around the world.

Countries with Birthright Citizenship

1. Canada

Canada is a major addition to the list, with children born there automatically being citizens.

Canadian citizens can sponsor their parents and grandparents for permanent residency.

Overseas naturalization stops after one generation, making Canada a great option for your children and theirs.

Canadian citizens have the right to travel to countries with a top-ten passport. If you are not a Canadian citizen but have been living in Canada for more than three years, you may be eligible for citizenship; contact us to find out more!

It costs money to renounce one’s citizenship as a Canadian. In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, birth tourism is permitted. In order for your child to automatically acquire citizenship from the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you must enter one of these two nations before giving birth if you are a woman who is already pregnant when you arrive in Canada or Mexico.

The procedure is straightforward: just notify the hospital or local government office that you gave birth in their area as soon as possible after your baby is delivered. You are not even required to live there permanently; you are free to come and go whenever you like.

The Dominican Republic allows mothers and newborns to be granted citizenship. If the mother is a citizen of the DR, her child will be automatically registered as a citizen at birth. The process is simple: go to the hospital or local government office soon after your baby is born and give them notice that you’ve given birth within their territory – that’s it! You don’t even need to stay in the country permanently, you can come and go as you please.

The Encouraged by jus-soli countries were in the past, meaning that it is no longer legal for women to give birth there (although this still happens). However, due to changes in law, it is now possible for children born there to gain citizenship if one of their parents has citizenship from another country. So while it may not be as easy as before, it’s still possible for children born in these locations to have multiple citizenships. Birth tourism can still happen, but not as a main focus or concern.

2. Chile

The Chilean passport is one of the strongest passports globally. It offers visa-free travel to over 160 countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, Japan, and many more.

The Jus Soli principle in Chile allows any child to gain citizenship by birth, even if they are not born on Chilean soil. This makes gaining a Chilean passport very easy- all you need is to be born in Chile!

A Chilean passport also allows for fast-track naturalization with Europe as a potential future destination. If a child moves to Spain, they are eligible for a Spanish passport after two years of residency and passing an exam in Spanish.

All citizens of Mercosur have the right to move freely within the countries that make up this trade bloc (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay), but not outside it. So if you hold a Chilean passport and want to explore more of South America or Central America without having to apply for multiple visas, Mercosur is your best bet for birthright citizenship!

3. Panama

To qualify for the Panama Visa, you must have professional or economic ties to Panama. The visa is available to all citizens of the qualifying countries. It takes two years for foreign parents to receive a Panamanian passport.

It is always the best option to use the services of professionals and experts with experience in countries where you want to adopt children.

4. Mexico

Mexico is bordered to the North by the United States and also shares boundaries with the Pacific Ocean. As of 2022, her population was over 136 million. Mexico has one of the best passports in the world, ranking 25th globally. Mexican passports allow holders to visit other member countries in Asia with no visa. Mexican parents and grandparents can apply for permanent residency after two years rather than the usual five.

The children of a naturalized citizen can apply for citizenship after two years, rather than the usual five Mexico is considered a hot spot for foreign nationals who want to give birth and gain citizenship.  Citizenship offers benefits such as easy access to healthcare, voting rights, and the chance to invest in and purchase real estate in Mexico.

Anyone born within the borders of the nation, regardless of the status of their parents, is awarded citizenship by birth. Mexico allows children born to parents with no legal residency in the country to automatically obtain their citizenship.

5. the United States

The United States recognizes that children born in the US are citizens. A woman receives a certificate when giving birth in an American hospital, and the United States requires a birth certificate and tax returns annually from parents. Once the child turns 21, they can apply for American citizenship on behalf of their parents based on family reunification.

Other Countries That Offer Citizenship by Birth

Countries with Birthright Citizenship

Countries with Birthright Citizenship

The majority of nations that grant unconditional citizenship are in South America; these nations include Uruguay, Tuvalu, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, El Salvador, Dominica, Costa Rica, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Bolivia, Belize, Barbados, and a small number of nations in North America.

Chad also grants citizenship from birth, however at the age of 18, a kid has the option to accept or reject this.

Being a citizen of a South American country by birth has its benefits, most notably the ability to participate in government programs and the ability to vote and be elected. Dual citizenship is also an advantage in some countries.

Can my parents get citizenship through me?

There are a few ways that parents can get citizenship through their children. One way is if the child is born in Germany and at least one parent has lived there for more than eight years. Citizenship by right of soil requires that a child be born in Germany and at least one parent has lived there for more than eight years.

Another way for parents to gain birthright citizenship is through family members; this grants citizenship only to the children of German, Swiss, or Greek citizens or residents. All other citizenship options require a legal process. If the parents don’t meet any of these requirements, their child can still obtain Spanish citizenship through residency in Spain.

Benefits of living in a country that offers birthright citizenship

Living in a nation that grants birthright citizenship has several advantages. Your offspring will be able to have numerous citizenships, to start. If you ever want to or have to travel with them, this may be useful. Additionally, they will have access to all of those nations’ advantages.

Another advantage is that it will be simple for your kids to get passports for the nations where they were born. This can make traveling a lot simpler and easier than it otherwise would be. A passport from a stunning nation is also always good!

Finally, having birthright citizenship can provide your family with a sense of security and stability. Your children will know that they are part of a larger community and have a place where they belong no matter what happens in their lives.