Gateway Mortgage login Account Online to Make Payment

Gateway Mortgage login Account Online to Make Payment

You can manage your mortgage online at the convenience of your own home. If you have a mortgage online account with Gateway First Bank, you can use the Gateway Mortgage Login portal to make payments and conduct other online transactions.

Okay, you already know that every dollar you contribute to your mortgage payment causes your principal balance to decrease by more. The term of your mortgage will be cut by years if you make only one extra payment each year, not to mention the interest savings!

How to Create an Online Account with Gateway Mortgage

You must first have a registered online account in order to use all of the Gateway Mortgage online services. If you’ve never done this before, just follow the instructions.

  • Visit to fill out the registration form to set up a Gateway Mortgage online account.
  • Tap on the “login button” which gives you the option to create a nw account
  • Choose “set up mortgage account” option as against “online banking account” option.
  • Click on “new user registration” where you will need: Account Number, Your SSN and Your email access
  • Complete the requested information, check the “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” and click “register”. You will be routed to the main login screen. Check your email to complete the registration process.
  • Open the activation email from Gateway and click the “activate account” link. The link will route you to a new screen to enter your loan information.
  • Enter your loan information and click “Submit.”
  • Your online account information will be displayed.
  • To set up your security question, log out of your online account and log back in.
  • (Note: If you skip this step, you will be prompted to create the security question next time you login.)

Gateway Mortgage Login Online Account Instructions

You can manage your Gateway Mortgage online account at any time if you have one. It’s easy to access your online account, and other online platforms will also require your login information. The following easy procedures should be followed to log into your online account:

Please visit to log in, then input your username and password before clicking or tapping the “Sign In” button to complete the login procedure.

Making Payments on Your Gateway Mortgage

They are several ways to make your gateway mortgage payment. You can pay by phone, mail, money order or through the auto bill payment option you do via your bank. Let us consider the available options below;

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 Automatic Bill Payment (Recurring Draft)

Gateway Mortgage provides a monthly recurring draft. You can register for the money to draft between 1st -15th. Checking and savings accounts are accepted. The recurring draft does not accept debit cards. Simply log into your online account and select “recurring payment” to enroll, change, or modify.

One Time Payment/Phone Bill Payment

Through the internet, an automated phone system (877-764-9319), or a phone agent, you can make one-time payments using a debit card, bank account, or savings account.

To mail payments, please send to:

PO Box 21044 Tulsa, OK 74121-1044

Money order or Cashier’s check:

244 South Gateway Place Jenks,

OK 74037-3448

Please be aware that local Gateway Mortgage centers do not take payments.

Additional Gateway Mortgage Payment Methods

Using the bill-paying service at your bank:

Create a bill payment account on your bank’s website. Please give adequate time for delivery to guarantee that your payment reaches gateway mortgage. Instead of sending a cheque online, some banks may choose to mail it. They might not get the money the same day that it shows up in your bank account.

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Your annual Escrow Analysis-related payment adjustments won’t be updated automatically. When this change takes effect, this may result in you paying more or less than you should. To avoid this, they advise signing up for regular drafts with Gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gateway Mortgage Login for Payment

Q: Can I make additional principal or escrow payments?

ANS: Yes. Once the payment for the current month has been received, additional principal and escrow payments may be made. They advise avoiding using your bank’s bill payment service and instead sending these additional payments via mail or the internet.

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Q: How can I sign up for automated payments or recurring drafts?

ANS: Enter your online account credentials, then select “recurring payment.” They only accept recurring monthly drafts. You can also download and send them the form for regular payments by clicking here.

Q: How can I verify that my money was received?

ANS: After receipt, your payment will appear online within two to three business days. Please be aware that it may take 7–10 business days to receive payments sent by mail. A partial payment will appear online as “unapplied” monies if you make one.

It is a suspense account that keeps the money in it up until the final payment is made. Please be aware that until the entire payment has been received, installments (including those for interest) will not be posted to the loan.

Q: When do payments need to be received?

ANS: To get this information, sign into your online account and choose “Payment Options/Fees.”