How To Create a Facebook Business Page

How to create a facebook page

How To Create a Facebook Business Page- Unquestionably, one of the most well-known and widely-used social media networks available today is Facebook. The majority of people in modern society who are at least computer proficient are using the online platform.

Some people use it to reconnect with old friends from high school or college, while others use it to secretly organize birthday parties.

This is because a lot of people use Facebook to exchange and discuss new ideas as well as facts. Therefore, it could be preferable to develop a website for a grocery shop where you can share recipes, and offers, and provide access to services. Generally, Facebook is a fantastic tool to market yourself if you want to.

Before creating a Facebook account for yourself or a page for your business, note that the minimum age for Facebook is thirteen,  so if want to you invite everyone in your area via Facebook to like the page for your business, it is not just strategically important, but also legally advisable to select an age minimum when targeting an audience.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page/Account

Right now, we are about to go through the step-by-step process of setting up your account. To create a page for your business, you will first have to establish a personal Facebook account.

Thus, we will first chronicle how to set up a personal account and then how to create a business page. If you already have a personal Facebook account, please skip to the next subsection.

Creating A Facebook Account

  1. First, go to

As it says on the page,  Facebook is free,   so you don’t have to worry about any fees. All you need is a compliant mobile phone or device and a data connection.  Fill  out  the information requested,  read  the  Terms,  Data  Policy, and  Cookie  Use agreements,  then  click,  “Sign  Up.”

  1. Facebook should  now  have  sent  you    (or  will     in  a  few  seconds)  a confirmation Online, you should have been directed  to       a  page  that’s labeled  “Confirm  Your  Mobile  Phone Number.”  Click  “enter the code,” which should appear in the first sentence beneath the page title.
  2. When a small box appears prompting you to enter your code,  enter the number sequence that should by now have appeared in a  text from  Facebook on your phone.

You can also simply enter the code into the small box labeled  “Enter  Code” on the top right-hand corner of the page.

  1. If    you  have    not received    a  text, double check   that    the number    you  used when signing    up   was     If   not,  click    the    link that  says, “Change  your phone number.” Then enter the correct phone number in the provided box and repeat step   2.
  2. If you are doing all of this over your phone, consider doing it on your computer because it is much However,    if this is not an option, then click on the link that was sent to you in the text, and from there you should also be able to enter your code and apply step    2.
  3. If for some reason you need another code,  click “Resend Confirmation SMS” and you will receive another  Afterward, follow step    2.
How To Create a Facebook Page

How To Create a Facebook Page

Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business

  1. Again, go to

Log in,  and then scroll to the bottom of the menu bar located on the far left-hand side of the page.  The  last  item  under  the  heading  “Pages”  should  be “Create  Page.”  Click on it.

  1. Select the appropriate  button,  which in  this  case   is  most  likely  “Local Business  or  ”
  2. When you click on   “Local  Business or  Place,”  a  drop-down menu should come     Fill out the requested information,  including what type of business you run,    its name,  the street address,  and phone number.  Be sure to read the  Facebook  Pages  Terms;  it’s pretty short and full of useful information.
  3. Fill out the requested   Tell people what the page is about and make sure your description is concise and specific.

If you already have a  business motto or description for your business,  try tying your  Facebook description in with that,  if not using the same material. Include your business website if you have one, personalize your  Facebook link  (i.e.,  and select  “Yes” when asked if your business is a  real one.

This will help distinguish your business from fan clubs and similar groups.

  1. After selecting  “Yes,”  you  will     be  asked if  you    are  the  official representative  of  the    Select  “Yes”  again,  and  then  “Save  Info.”
  2. Now upload your profile picture. This picture will be the first image visitors see when clicking on your page, so it should be an accurate illustration of the business,  whether that be a storefront,  a  photo of the merchandise the business sells  (i.e. shoes for a  shoe craftsman),  or a  personal photo of you if the business is a  personal one  (tutoring, personal coaching,  etc.).

You can either upload it from your computer or you can upload it from your already existing business website.  In the case that you do upload the photo from your computer,  the photo in question will already have to exist on your hard drive.

  1. Now comes the time to implement your target audience.  Select who you prefer to be able to see your page  (though since it will be public,  anyone should be able to view it).  You can add specific areas if you like,  such as the towns surrounding your business.  Then select the age of the people you are targeting  (if you are starting a  winery,  the minimum age should be  21).

You can also select things that are gender specific,  but this is sometimes best left alone.  If you are starting up a maternity store,  you never know if the father/grandfather/etc.  will want to stop in and purchase something for the mother-to-be.  Lastly,  select what interest your business falls under.

This should help cater to those who have already expressed an interest in that area on Facebook.

  1. After  you have made all of your selections, click “Save.” Congratulations, you have now started your business page! From here, Facebook will help you to navigate the management of your page.
  2. You can upload statuses (i.e. current sales  at your business location, if you are closed due to weather, stories/ideas to get people excited about your product) and pictures (make sure they are high quality!), invite people to “like” your page (which will help spread the word about your business), and additional information such as hours and locations.

There is an endless amount of potential for marketing on Facebook. Don’t be intimidated if you have never used it before; not so long ago Facebook was nonexistent and millions of people all over the world have since learned how to navigate the blue-and-white social media website.

Learn how to use Facebook as a  tool to help your business grow, and approach it just like any other mode of marketing. If you are diligent in regards to regularly updating your customers (after all, you have to keep them interested in your merchandise), then Facebook should help you grow your business into a thriving enterprise!

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