How To Create a YouTube Channel

How To Create a YouTube Channel

How To Create a YouTube Channel- YouTube is unquestionably the most frequented site for sharing video content. Videos include film and newsreel clips,  music and home videos, online lectures, and even step-by-step instructions for creating websites.

What is a YouTube Channel?

Ideally, YouTube is used for any kind of visual or audio content.

The most common way people use  YouTube is by posting videos.  To do this,   the user must create a YouTube channel that will act as a  file for all of the videos you upload. This way,   if one of your videos becomes immensely popular, Internet surfers will be able to quickly find other content you may have produced.

Having viewed the clip, users will then be able to subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you have, the more your clips will be noticed.

This is not to say that only artists can be successful YouTube users, but if the founder of the company is going to be on camera, they should certainly be comfortable on film and possess dynamic charisma. This can be applied to actors, musicians, those who wish to open a restaurant, begin a tutoring business,  do craftsman work, or a multitude of other professionals. This is all dependent on how the founder decides to use YouTube to their advantage.

You may still be asking yourself how these videos are supposed to be helping your business. Well,  take the videos of children playing with toys for example.     If you decide to create your toys,  then other children watching the video may want the toy, which in turn causes the parents to become aware of the toy and potentially purchase it.  But just like with any other social media presence,    it is important to stay continuously present in the online community and not let your social media marketing fall to the wayside.

Before detailing how to create and upload content for YouTube, let us explain the second way to use this platform for marketing purposes.    Many companies will pay to have their advertisements run before highly viewed videos. It is possible, once the business has gained some success, to post ads before other people’s trendy videos.

Advertising before videos that are not as well viewed but still turn out several subscribers may also be an idea worth considering. This decision, though, depends on the financial position of the company. If you cannot afford to pay for advertising now,  create YouTube content instead, which is free.

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How to create a youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Account

  1. Go to  to get started.
  2. In the  upper right-hand corner,  click   on  the  button  that  says “Upload.”
  3. Put in a  name that you would like to be known as.    It would be best if it is the name of your business or something easily associated with your business.  After  reading  the  Terms  of  Service,  click  “Create Channel.”
  4. Select the audience that you want to see.    For a  business,  you should select the public.
  5. Choose what files you would like to upload by clicking  “Upload”  and then selecting the file from your files.   These should be videos that you have already created and are saved to either your hard drive or in an online depository,  such as  Google  Share or  Dropbox.
  6. Wait until the video is finished processing,  then select a  title for your video. Do some research on  YouTube to find out what kind of highly viewed content there is that is similar to yours,  then come up with a  title that uses one of the keywords that frequent the titles of those videos you researched.  This way,  when someone watches a  popular video,  your video will hopefully pop up as recommended.  You also have the option to tag the subject of the video,  which should also help with video visibility among users.
  7. Write a description for the video.   It is always best to keep these short, sweet,  and enthusiastic.
  8. When you are finished filling out all of the relevant information,  click “Done”  in the top right hand. A  page should pop up that says your video is now ready for viewing,  with a  link.   If you click the link,  you should be able to view your video!

Note that if you made a mistake, you can edit the details of the video. To get to your channel home page from the YouTube home page, click on “My Channel” on  the  far left-hand side    of the     page, underneath “Home.”      On the next page, click “Video Manager”    at the top center. From here you can delete, edit, and add new videos to promote your business.

I hope this page answered all your questions.

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