How To Set Up a Twitter Account For Your Business

How To Create a Twitter Account For Your Business

How To Set Up a Twitter Account- Twitter is one of the hottest social media platforms. You surely need to have one so as not to miss the interesting parts of it. Confused about how to go about creating your Twitter account? We got you. Be sure to read to the end to get yourself ready to launch the next Twitter account.

What is a Twitter Account?

The first thing to keep in mind here is that   Twitter is almost completely different than Facebook. Yes,    both allow you to post similar content, but they operate differently. Mainly, Twitter is used to gain attention and share information.

This particular social media platform is most useful for news outlets, sports, and personalities (political, celebrity, etc.).  Thus, consider carefully whether Twitter is the right place to promote your business.

Importantly, Twitter can only work for you if you find a way to capture your desired audience’s attention and keep it. You have to post regularly, find content that is relative to the reader, and keep it short and sweet.

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Setting Up Twitter Account

  1. First, go  to
  2. In the  top right-hand corner  of  the  page,  you’ll  see a  button  that  says  “Sign up.”  Click on it.
  3. Fill in the requested information with your full name,  email or phone number,  and a  strong password.   Be sure to consider the option below, asking if  Twitter can use your previously frequented websites to tailor your Twitter account.  Note that this means  Twitter will be looking at e websites u  have cited recently d    if u    are particular about privacy,  it may best turn is option f.     If you don’t do so now and change your mind later,  you can do so by visiting the safety and security settings.  Also, note at under “Advanced  Options”  just below the  Terms of  Use on the signup page,  there is an option for others to find your account with either your email or phone number.  It is wise to leave this on so that other  Twitter users can find your business more easily.

However,  in the face of privacy,  it could be wise to only use a business email and phone number to sign up for  Twitter rather than a personal one.

This will also allow strangers who are interested in your business to look up the information on any search engine and then find your company’s  Twitter account.  After filling out your information,  deciding upon tailoring and advanced options, and reading the  Terms of Use, click  “Sign up”.

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  1. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number.   This    is  only   for  security reasons  and    if  you  prefer  not     to  give    it,  click  “Skip” located  in  blue underneath  “Next.”
  2. Now create a username. It should be something that you will remember easily and that customers will be able to identify as a  part of your business.  For example,  if you are a  stylist then the username should be something similar to your name.  However,  if you are founding a shelter,  the username should probably be the same as the name of the shelter.  After  selecting  your username,  click  “Next.”
  3. You will now arrive at a  page with a  list of  Twitter account suggestions for you to follow.   Note that  Twitter has automatically selected all forty accounts for you.  You can choose to stay with this list  (you can always unfollow an account later) or personally tailor a  list to your preferences,  including not selecting any accounts.  After  having  done  either, click “Continue.”
  4. This next step is optional but highly encouraged for marketing your business   Here you can add a  picture to serve as the face of your  Twitter account. Uploading a  picture is slightly different,  in that you can either upload your photo from your hard drive or simply drag the photo from your desktop onto the square.  Again,  choose a  picture that is representative of your business.  After completing  this  step,  click “Continue.”
  5. The next step again is optional,  but highly   You can now find people you already know via your contact lists in  Gmail or  Outlook. This is especially helpful because the contacts many people keep in those accounts are business associates or potential clients,  who in turn may have Twitter accounts.
  • If you    do    not currently  have    any    of these accounts, select “Skip    this step”   and   find  your contacts manually
  • If you do have one of these accounts, select the one from which you would like to add contacts. After, selecting “Allow,”   give Twitter a moment to load your contacts, especially if your address book is large. After accessing your contacts, Twitter will list them for you and then you can select whom you would want to allow. After making your selection,    hit “Continue.”

Now you should have your  Twitter account set up!  Near the top of the page, there should be a  yellow bar that says you must  “confirm your email address”.  Log in to your email and click the  “Confirm  Now”  button that should be in the email  Twitter sent you.

This will direct you back to your  Twitter page. At this point, your account is all setup and you can begin to garner followers of your own!

Like any other social media platform, the key is to stay active and make your presence known. So tweet away, respond to your followers, and stay knowledgeable by following accounts similar to your own.

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A  Few Twitter Rules You Need To Know

Twitter has a specific rule regarding tweets. If you post a “tweet,” it may comprise only 140 characters. This means that sometimes, people will sacrifice grammar for space.

Also, with Twitter, you can reference other Twitter accounts in your tweet with a hashtag that acts as a sort of hyperlink. Note that if you use a hashtag, you cannot use spaces between words for the entirety of the Twitter account name.

On Facebook, you invite certain people to “like” your page or be friends with you. On Twitter, it works the other way around. Anyone can decide to follow your account. The upside of this is that the more followers you get, the more profiled and visible your account will be. The downside is that some people are just mean and will only follow some accounts to leave rude comments (these people are called trolls).

As inferred before, Twitter is not necessarily a two-way street. Keep in mind that you may follow forty people, but unless those people also follow you, they will not see anything you tweet.

To gain popularity, you will have to do a lot of tweeting so that other people follow you.   Another way to help gain followers is to follow people and/or establishments you genuinely like and comment on those tweets.

People who find your comments interesting will then go to your account and potentially follow you. Remember, however, to not merely use the comment box on other Twitter accounts as free advertising. Genuinely engage in a conversation so that people will follow you.   It may also help to follow Twitter accounts that are similar to your own business.

When you establish your   Twitter account, be patient and take your time figuring out how everything works. The website is not quite as self-explanatory as Facebook and can take a while to master.

Here is one last recommendation: If you post about a current event, include a link to the actual article reporting what happened. This way, your followers will be able to read up on what you are talking about, and perhaps will be better equipped to engage in conversation.

Happy tweeting!

I hope this page answered all your questions.