How To Set Up an Instagram Business Account

How To Set Up an Instagram Business Account

How To Set Up an Instagram Account- Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms. It has also proven to be a center for the business growth of many persons as they have personal and business Instagram handles that allow them to access to millions of people who may need their brand or services.

If you do not have an account on Instagram and you do not know how to go about creating one, this page is here to give you a comprehensive guide on all that you need to know.

What is an Instagram Account?

The first thing you need to know right is that Instagram is not a website, it’s a phone application, also called an app.

What does this mean? You will have to download the app to access Instagram. For most people this won’t be a problem;  if you are starting a business and looking for ways to build a social media presence, chances are you have a cell phone.

The great thing is, this makes Instagram incredibly friendly to those who want high-quality pictures for their business but don’t have a fancy camera. Instead, you’ll be able to take pictures with your phone, put an interesting filter on it, and post within seconds, all from your phone. This is so important because Instagram is a  platform purely meant for sharing photographs and videos.

Instagram can be useful for any business whose merchandise is of sensorial quality. If the product is anything like make-up, food, clothing or shoe brand, or architecture, then Instagram is a perfect platform because it draws clients in with fantastic images. Yes, Instagram could be used for other things, but it would have a minimal effect on your business if you were a stockbroker.

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When you go to post a picture on Instagram, you have the option of layering over the photograph with a different filter which will change the overall look,  for example, turning a normally colored photograph into a sepia tone. This can easily help to boost the look of your photograph, but be careful not to distort the image too much.

Sometimes pictures are best left in their natural colors. It is most advisable to take pictures with an improved version of a good camera to give them a great site with or without filters.

Most importantly, when using Instagram,   it is critical that you use high-quality photographs. Pictures that are grainy or too dark to make out the subject matter often communicate a lack of sophistication regarding the business.

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How to create an Instagram Business Account

How to create an Instagram Business Account

Setting Up Your Instagram Account

As stated before, Instagram is technically an app and therefore will need to be downloaded to the user’s phone. However, much of this can still be conducted on the computer. To set up your account on Instagram, you are required to take the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Once there, the user will need to select a mode from which to download the application. If the user already has an iPhone, then select “Download on the App Store.” If this is not the case, select “Get it on Google Play.”
  3. The following are instructions for downloading/using the Apple App:
  • To download Instagram, open up your iTunes account.    If you are not sure where to locate it,   you can also click the “View it in iTunes” button directly below the camera graphic on the upper left-hand side of the Instagram home page.   This should redirect you to the iTunes   App Store.
  • Beneath the picture    of the camera    at    the    top corner    on    the left-hand side,  click    the button labeled “Get.” Note that you will have to sign in to your iTunes account to download.
  • If necessary (this step may not come up for all users), verify your billing information. However, this app is free.
  • Once you have verified your information,  click “Done”    on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
  • Click “Ok” when the page says Instagram will begin.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Ok” again.
  • Once iTunes has finished downloading, click on “My Apps,” which is the first item listed on the iTunes menu bar.
  • Double-click on the Instagram icon and enter your password to authorize the account, and then click “Ok.”
  • Skip to    the  sixth  step in these instructions    for directions    on  how    to work

4. The following instructions detail how to download Instagram from the app store on your phone.

  • Open the App Store on your phone.
  • On the bottom menu bar, select “Search,” then enter and select “Instagram.”
  • Select “Get” then download the app.

5. The following instructions are for those who are downloading Instagram via Google

  • Go to   and select  “Get    it    on Google Play.”
  • Now click the green button labeled “Install” which should be located to the right of the Instagram camera icon.
  • Hit “Ok.”
  • You will need to be logged in to the Google Store App to download Instagram. After you have finished downloading Instagram, click “Open.”
  • Now follow the below instructions.

6. After downloading Instagram,  follow these steps to get started!

  • You should now be in the Instagram phone application. At the bottom of the page,  click “Sign Up With Phone    or Email.”
  • Enter your phone number. After clicking “Next”    you should immediately receive a confirmation. Enter the code on the prompted line and hit “Next” again.
  • Create a username   and secure password    for yourself,  then  click “Next.”    If preferred,    you can also add a photograph here as your face of yourself.     It may be best if this is the business logo since so many pictures will be posted, and followers may need a recognizable symbol to identify the company. This photo can be uploaded either from Facebook, or your photo library on your phone, or you can take a brand new picture to use.
  • Since this account is meant for business purposes,   you can connect with Facebook friends here if you like, depending upon how much crossover there is between clients and friends. If you prefer to skip this altogether, click “Skip” at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Again, here is a chance to connect with those you already know, except you can now find those who already have Instagram accounts.    If you do not wish to participate,   hit “Skip” again.
  • Now you should be prompted to select people to follow.   Again, this account is for business purposes,    so only select those whom you wish to have associated with your business. After doing so, click “Done”    in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Now click     the   back button located   next  to “Explore ”
  • Click the camera icon in the center at the very bottom of the page.

Do not overlook the following steps:

  • In settings, find Account and tap Switch to a professional account.
  • Pick a category that best describes your business, then select Business.
  • You’re already there – you’ve got an Instagram business account.

You are now all set to begin on Instagram! Allow Instagram access to your current library of photographs as you see fit. You will have to enable camera access, but then you should be off to the races. Once you take your first photo, you’ll be able to use different filters (located at the bottom of the screen after taking a picture) and change the settings.

I hope this page answered all your questions. Find out 7 Other Online Platforms To Promote Your Business!

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