Humphrey Fellowship Program

Humphrey Fellowship Program

Humphrey Fellowship Program

Successful young and mid-career professionals from developing nations are brought to the United States for ten months of non-degree graduate education and related practical professional experiences through the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, a Fulbright program. The Humphrey program was established in 1978 to pay tribute to Hubert H. Humphrey, a late senator and vice president of the United States, and his achievements.

The program is made to satisfy the needs of policymakers, planners, administrators, and managers in the public and private sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations, who are dedicated to public service, have shown leadership potential, and care about the advancement of their own nation. The fellowships are awarded in the fields of Agricultural and Rural Development; Communications/Journalism; Economic Development; Educational Administration, Planning and Policy; Finance and Banking; Law and Human Rights; Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change; Public Health Policy and Management; Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration; Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention; Technology Policy and Management; Urban and Regional Planning. Applications from all the listed fields are welcome. Qualified women and candidates from minority and disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.

The Humphrey fellows engage in master’s level research that is pertinent to their professional demands and areas of interest but does not lead to a degree being granted. They are sent in groups of 8 to 15 to the university with the best program for their interests. These geographically balanced clusters enable contact between peers from different nations. The Humphrey subjects in which the host universities excel as well as the resources and assistance they provide Humphrey Fellows are the deciding factors in their selection. Host universities are: American University, Washington College of Law; Arizona State University; Boston University; Cornell University; Emory University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Michigan State University; Pennsylvania State University; Syracuse University; University of California, Davis; University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs; Vanderbilt University; Virginia Commonwealth University. Placement at a specific university requested by a candidate cannot be arranged.

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Grant Benefits
Tuition and fees, a monthly maintenance stipend, the Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges in accordance with U.S. Government regulations, a modest allowance for books and supplies, round-trip international air travel to the host institution, domestic air travel to the Washington, D.C. workshop, and allowances for professional activities like field trips, business trips, and conferences are all included in a Humphrey fellowship. These fellowships do not include a benefit for dependents, and the grant’s stipend is insufficient to maintain a family. There will be several program activities that make it challenging to incorporate dependents.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the General Prerequisites the applicant:

  • Must have earned the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in the United States. Candidates must hold a four-year bachelor’s degree, a completed master’s degree, or, if the bachelor’s degree is less than four years, a full-time postgraduate diploma.
  • Must be eligible for leave and have at least five years of relevant, meaningful professional experience (prior to August 2024);
  •  Had to have shown leadership abilities
  • should have a record of public service in the community; and
  • Must give an undertaking to return to India on completion of the fellowship.

Candidates meeting any of the following descriptions will be rendered technically ineligible to participate in the Humphrey Program:

  • Individuals with less than five years of full-time professional experience prior to August 2024.
  • University teachers with no management or policy responsibilities, except for teachers of English as a foreign language and specialists in substance abuse prevention and treatment.
  • Individuals who have attended a graduate school in the United States for one academic year or more during the seven years prior to August 2024.
  • Individuals who have had more than six months of U.S. experience during the five years prior to August 2024.
  • Individuals with dual U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent resident status.
  • Have participated in recent State Department exchange programs.


Number of Awards:

  • Approximately 200 Fellowships are awarded annually

How to Apply

  1. Applications must be submitted online at:
  2. Please carefully review the Hubert H Humphrey Applicant Instructions before starting your online application.
  3. If employed, please upload the Employer’s Endorsement Form on the online application.

For any queries contact: [email protected]Timeline and Placement Process

End August 2023 USIEF notifies the nominees. Nominees take TOEFL
October 2023 USIEF forwards applications of nominees to the Humphrey Program Office, in Washington, D.C.
February/March 2024 USIEF expects to receive the Humphrey selection cable from Washington, D.C.
February/March 2024 USIEF notifies the finalists
April 2024 4-month intensive English program begins for fellows requiring Long-Term English Training
June/July 2024 Pre-academic training in the U.S. begins for fellows requiring 8-weeks English Training (if required)
August/September 2024 Humphrey program begins

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