Top 10 Car Insurance Companies In Australia

These are the top 10 car insurance companies in Australia

Because of the fierce competition in the Australian Car insurance industry, it can be challenging for customers to select the best plan. Customers of automobile insurance frequently focus their decisions on price, but as any insurance broker will tell you, there are many other factors to take into account, including the terms of the policy, your unique demands, and the level of customer care offered.

According to consumer feedback, includes Australian Car insurance providers. Here, we list the best 10 car insurance providers in Australia based on client reviews. As of January 2023.

  1. Australian Seniors

Overall rating: 4.7 from 3,058 reviews.

According to the website, Australian Seniors is the top-ranking car insurance provider in Australia, achieving ratings of 4.6 for transparency, 4.7 for value for money, and 4.7 for customer service. Notably, of the 92 people the website reported as having made a claim, 88 had their claim approved.

Australian Seniors car insurance policies are underwritten by Hollard with comprehensive, third-party property damage and third-party, fire, and theft cover options available. Legal liability cover can be included up to $20 million, while roadside assistance is optional.

With Seniors Car Insurance, you and your vehicle are covered for accidents, theft, or other mishaps that come your way, so you can take the road with confidence. Take control with more choices, more extras, and more savings in your pocket with Australian Seniors.

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  1. Australian Warranty Network (AWN)

Overall rating: 4.6 from 1,228 reviews.

On, AWN received scores of 4.7 for transparency, 4.7 for value for money, and 4.7 for customer service. Customers praised the insurer for its prompt response to questions, superior service, and effective claims procedure.

The mechanical breakdown insurance offered by AWN, which covers a variety of vehicles including automobiles, motorbikes, scooters, RVs, and caravans, is well recognized. General insurance, administration and claims management, roadside assistance, asset protection, and training programs are some of its additional goods and services.

Services include;

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Motorbike Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Scooter Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Motorhome Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Caravan Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Asset Protection
  • Roadside Assistance

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  1. Youi

Overall rating: 4.0 from 6,960 reviews.

For transparency, 3.8 for value for money, 4.1 for customer service, 3.9 for punctuality, and 3.6 for job satisfaction, Youi Pty Ltd received scores of 3.9. Due to the staff’s friendliness and knowledge of the process, customers found setting up their insurance plans and submitting claims simple. Free roadside help is also popular with clients, while much other insurance charge extra for this service.

Youi is an entirely owned subsidiary of Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings Group (RMIH) member OUTsurance International Holdings Pty Limited.  Car, motorbike, caravan and trailer, building and contents, watercraft, and business liability insurance are among the goods it underwrites.

What type of cover does Youi offer?

Choosing the right car insurance policy can be tricky, but we make it easier by being upfront about what is (and isn’t) included in each of our levels of cover.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: Do you want the best protection for your car? Then you may consider our Comprehensive insurance. With this kind of auto insurance, you are protected against mishaps, the worst types of weather, fires, theft, and damage to other people’s property.

Third-Party Fire & Theft: When your automobile is stolen, burns down, or accidentally damages someone else’s car or property, Third-Party Fire & Theft car insurance can help cover the costs. The events covered by this coverage include some of the following.

Third-Party Property Only: If they accept your claim, car insurance will pay out if your vehicle damages another person’s vehicle or property as a result of an accident.

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  1. Budget Direct

Overall rating: 3.8 from 8,144 reviews.

Ratings for Budget Direct transparency, value for money, customer service, timeliness, and work satisfaction totaled 3.9, 4.1, 4.0, 4.0, and 3.8 respectively. Thanks to clear terms and a simple procedure, customers were able to obtain insurance promptly.

Budget Direct is an Australian general insurance provider with more than 1,300 employees, close to nine million clients, and partnerships with hundreds of auto mechanics and construction firms. Policyholders can customize their coverage by adding one or more optional features, such as the ability to rent a car after an accident or flood insurance for their home, and can submit claims any time of the day or night.

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  1. Integrity Extended Warranties

Overall rating: 4.0 from 1,037 reviews.

Customer service, value for money, and transparency all achieved scores of 4.0 for Integrity Extended Warranties. Customers were pleased with the value and cost of their insurance. Integrity is Australia’s top extended warranty provider for vehicles and lifestyle items, giving clients peace of mind when buying new or used cars regardless of their age, mileage, or make and model.

Established in 1992, Integrity offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and has grown to become one of the industry’s most reputable brands. Due to the polite staff and fast process, some policyholders who filed a claim multiple times did not experience any problems.

Integrity Extended Warranties maintains long-term associations with leading companies in the industry such as Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) and Lumley Insurance. Its coverage plans are Absolute and Endurance. The Absolute coverage plan is available from motor dealers and provides a similar level of coverage as the manufacturer’s warranty after expiration. Meanwhile, the Endurance plan is a listed components and parts warranty with one- to five-year term cover for cars regardless of age and distance traveled.

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  1. Real Insurance

Overall rating: 3.4 from 590 reviews.

Real Insurance Pty Ltd received ratings of 3.6 for transparency, 3.9 for value for money, 3.8 for customer service, 3.9 for timeliness, and 3.9 for job satisfaction. Satisfied customers commended the insurer for processing claims and repair requests quickly and professionally.

Real Insurance claims to be the first Australian insurer to launch pay-as-you-drive car insurance and the first insurer worldwide to launch a trust-based model of this type of insurance. It allows customers to include additional coverage in their policy for added security or keep their premium affordable by choosing the basic coverage.

Real Insurance Cover Types

Comprehensive Car Insurance:  Complete cover means they protect you against the cost of accidents, theft, and damage to your car and belongings. They even help pay for emergency accommodation if you’re stranded.

Pay As You Drive Car Insurance: All the advantages of complete coverage for less. With this prestigious protection, you simply pay for the distance you intend to travel—ideal for those who don’t drive frequently.

Third-Party Property, Fire & Theft: We cover you for all the benefits of Third Party Property Damage along with theft or attempted theft and fire

Third-Party Property Damage Insurance: Protects you against the cost of damage to other people’s cars and property

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  1. Eric Insurance

Overall rating: 2.9 from 194 reviews.

For transparency, value for money, and customer service, Eric Insurance received scores of 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7 respectively. Customers were pleased with the insurer’s reasonable premiums and friendly employees, who are reputed to adequately explain the products to customers.

Eric Insurance is a general insurance provider with more than 20 years of expertise in the auto insurance industry. It is well-known for its full-coverage auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, motor vehicle warranty insurance, motor vehicle tyre and wheel insurance, motorcycle warranty insurance, and motorcycle tyre and wheel insurance products.

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  1. Huddle Insurance

Overall rating: 3.5 from 313 reviews.

Huddle Insurance achieved ratings of 3.1 for transparency, 3.5 for value for money, and 3.2 for customer service. Policyholders were satisfied with its affordable policies, excellent customer service, as well as a fast process for claims and repairs.

Over 35,000 people are currently signed up for Huddle Insurance, which also has a tiny army of Huddle Bots, AI-powered bots that employ algorithms to gather helpful data and provide 24/7 customer care. Comprehensive and third-party property plans with a range of advantages and add-on options are included in its auto insurance line. The comprehensive plan includes coverage for loss or damage to the policyholder’s vehicle and another person’s vehicle or property. The third-party property plan, however, only covers harm to other people’s property or cars.

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  1. Woolworths Insurance

Overall rating: 2.5 from 862 reviews.

Woolworths Insurance received ratings of 2.3 for transparency, 2.6 for value for money, 2.4 for customer service, 2.3 for timeliness, and 2.6 for job satisfaction. Satisfied customers noted the insurer’s “cost-competitive policies and superior claims process.”

Drive less pay less, third-party property, fire and theft, third-party property damage, and comprehensive auto insurance are among the car insurance options offered by Woolworths Insurance. For part-time drivers, Woolworths Drive Less Pay Fewer offers complete coverage. All benefits of third-party property damage, including theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, and fire, are covered by the third-party property (fire and theft) plan.

The third-party property damage product includes liability coverage for any person who is lawfully using the policyholder’s vehicle without authorisation. The full coverage vehicle insurance policy, on the other hand, protects policyholders against the financial risks associated with collisions, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, accidents involving transit, damage from other drivers or passengers, damage to another person’s car or property, collisions, and collisions.

What does Car Insurance cover?

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

  • Accidents
  • Collision
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Malicious damage
  • Natural events
  • Damage to other people’s property

Drive Less Pay Less:

  • Accidents
  • Collision
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Malicious damage
  • Natural events
  • Damage to other people’s property

Third-Party Property, Fire & Theft:

  • Theft or attempted theft;
  • Damage to other people’s property

Third-Party Property Damage;

  • Damage to other people’s property

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  1. State Government Insurance Office (SGIO)

Overall rating: 2.4 from 269 reviews.

SGIO received ratings of 2.3 for transparency, 2.4 for value for money, and 2.5 for customer service. Some customers who have been with the insurer for many years vouched for excellent customer service, affordable policies, and a smooth claims process.

IAG, one of the biggest general insurers in Australia and New Zealand, is an investor in the insurance firm SGIO. To meet the demands of customers, its auto insurance line offers a range of policies, including comprehensive, comprehensive plus, third-party property damage, third-party fire and theft, and veteran, vintage, and classic vehicle plans.



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