Top 8 Ways to Find Videos on YouTube

Top 8 Ways to Find Videos on YouTube

Top 8 Ways to Find Videos on YouTube- YouTube has emerged as a key venue for producers to submit their videos and share them with the world because it is one of the most widely used video-sharing services worldwide.

There is no denying that YouTube is a potent tool for content creators, with over 2 billion active monthly users and over 1 billion hours of videos watched every day. If you are yet to create a YouTube channel, you can get started today!

Finding your submitted videos on the site, however, can occasionally be difficult because there are so many movies being published every day. This post will go over several methods for finding your YouTube-published videos.

8 Ways to Find Videos on YouTube

Using YouTube Studio

Using YouTube Studio is among the simplest ways to locate your uploaded YouTube videos. This is the creators’ dashboard for the platform, and it gives you a thorough breakdown of how well your channel is doing.

You must log into your YouTube account in order to access YouTube Studio. Then, click on your profile image and choose YouTube Studio.

Go to YouTube Studio and select the “Videos” tab from the left sidebar. All of your submitted videos can be seen here, along with details like their names, view totals, and upload dates.

Your videos can be sorted by the date of upload, views, and other criteria. By title, genre, and video type, you can further filter your videos.

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Using the YouTube Search Bar

Using the search bar is another way to find your posted YouTube videos. Simply enter the title of your video or a term associated with it, and YouTube will display all of the pertinent videos—including your own—for you.

But, if you publish a lot of videos, this strategy might not be particularly effective.

You can add additional filters to your search to narrow down your results. As an illustration, you can sort the search results by “Upload date” to display the most recent video uploads first.

To only see videos from your own channel, you can filter the results by “Channel”.

Browsing Your Channel

By exploring your channel, you can find your uploaded videos on YouTube as well. To achieve this, click on your profile image and choose “Your channel” from the dropdown menu to get to your YouTube channel.

Go to your channel and select the “Videos” option. All of your uploaded videos can be seen here in reverse chronological order.

Your videos can also be sorted by rating, release date, and other criteria. To achieve this, select your chosen method of sorting by clicking on the “Sort by” dropdown menu.

Also, you can search for particular videos by their titles or keywords using the search bar on your channel page.

Using YouTube’s Mobile App

A helpful additional resource for finding your uploaded videos is the YouTube mobile app. Open the YouTube app and touch on your profile image in the top right to access your videos there.

Choose “My channel” from the drop-down option. All of your posted videos can be seen here, along with details like the number of views and the time they were uploaded.

By selecting “Sort by” from the drop-down menu, you may arrange your movies according to date, popularity, and other factors.

By tapping the “Filter” option, you may further filter your videos based on the playlist, video kind, and other factors.

Using YouTube Analytics

Another tool creators can use to track the effectiveness of their channel is YouTube Analytics. You can access specific information about your films with this tool, including data for interaction, watch time, and views.

Go to YouTube Studio and select the “Analytics” tab from the left sidebar to view YouTube Analytics.

Click the “See more” link in the “Top videos” area once you’ve entered YouTube Analytics. Here is a list of the videos that have received the most views and viewing time from you.

By choosing “All movies” from the dropdown menu, you may view all of your uploaded videos in one list and sort them as well. Your movies can be sorted based on data like views, viewing time, and engagement.

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Using Google Search

Google Search can also be used to locate your YouTube-uploaded videos. This approach is especially helpful if you’re trying to find a certain video but can’t recall its name.

Enter your name or the name of your channel, as well as a few pertinent keywords, into the Google Search box. Your video should show up in the search results if it has been properly optimized for search engines.

Using YouTube’s Creator Studio Classic

Some creators might still choose to use YouTube’s Creator Studio Classic, an older version of YouTube Studio. Go to YouTube Studio and select the “Classic Studio” option in the bottom left corner of the screen to access Maker Studio Classic.

Click the “Video Management” tab in the left sidebar once you are in Maker Studio Classic. All of your uploaded videos may be found here, along with stats like the number of views they have received.

Your videos can be filtered by title and video type as well as by date, popularity, and other data.

Using YouTube’s API

You can access your uploaded videos programmatically using the YouTube API if you’re a developer or have some programming experience. You may get details about your videos, such as their titles, descriptions, and view counts, using the YouTube API. Also, you can add new movies to your channel via the API.

You must register as a Google Developer and get an API key in order to utilize the YouTube API. After that, you can use the YouTube API with this key to get details about your posted videos.

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Finally, there are many ways to locate your posted YouTube videos, and the one you select will rely on your preferences and requirements.

Regardless of whether you like YouTube Studio, the search bar, your channel website, or additional software like Google Search, there are plenty of options available to help you locate your videos quickly and easily.

By using these methods, you can ensure that your videos are easily accessible to your audience, and you can continue to grow your channel and reach new viewers.